SKILLS- A Pathway to Success


SKILLS- A Pathway to Success

Progression and and change is essential for evolution in all walks of life. When we speak of innovation, we usually connect it to industry, technology and medicine, rarely do we associate it with education. our traditional systems of education provided us some great minds, so the question arises is, why change?

In ancient times, India had the Gurukula system of education in which students learnt everything from Sanskrit to Metaphysics while staying with the Guru. The focus was on learning skills to become a king, a wise administrator, an archer or a leader and not so much about recollection of facts.

We then moved to the factory model of learning and moved away from nature and real life to classrooms that focused on retention of information. While that was successful for the period, it no longer is relevant in today's world, one where the challenges, needs and expectations are quite different.

We are preparing our children to become effective contributing members of a work force that expects even a newbie to come with some skills. While knowledge of your core area of work is expected, goal oriented approach, communication skills, ability to work in a team or problem solve are the key deciders for any employer.

Is our current system preparing our students to be workforce ready? The education system needs to undergo a paradigm shift, with focus on learning and skills. Schools need to prepare students to become independent, high functioning persons who can meet challenges with equanimity when they step out of the corridors of school. Skills of safety and hygiene, cookery , design, woodwork, automotive and money management must be part of the learning experience for students. If students can pick up such skills along with a better ability to communicate, assert, think critically, problem solve they would be better equipped to enjoy the roller coaster called life.

With changing times there is a need for schools to provide a `fuller experience' to the child when their parents are battling work pressures and an evolving social fabric. Today's parents feel a strong desire towards helping their child to be `future ready' but struggle with time and ways to achieve this. With rapid urbanization, large proportion of children seem to have fewer opportunities to spend time after school in the `real world' and hence take refuge in the `virtual world' of Television and the Internet. Both parents and schools have to realize this phenomenon and explore ways for a course correction. Schools need to nurture children who are not only academically proficient and groomed for a healthy lifestyle through sport, but more importantly are `Ready for Life'. Structured school programs that recognize and address this are need of the hour.

Besides providing opportunity to develop life skills, learning in schools needs to be such that each student is met where he is on his learning path so that he can grow at his own pace. This can be achieved with a personalised learning methodology . The idea is to provide valuable opportunities for students to engage with education and experience success. It is about recognizing that every student is an individual and focusing on what matters most to each child.

Thus school life, such as the curriculum, teaching methodology , assessment, school space and time plans needs to be designed to respond to each individual's needs.

Coaching and mentoring each child is one way to ensure that each child's needs are met.Helping students set goals, discussing strategies to achieve them, evaluating the previous week's learning and achievements and setting fresh goals will help them succeed. Setting individual goals helps learners to be active participants, manage their time, work against deadlines and choose challenging paths to accomplishment. The role of the personal coach goes beyond academics since they help students build self-confidence while learning to have a realistic understanding of ones strengths and weakness. You can develop and learn new skills through home tuition. You can contact us for home tuition in new delhi.

The aim of education is to empower.Providing students with varied learning experiences that consider student needs, interests and goals supports this process. Use of collaborative approaches to teaching and learning enhances team building skills and the ability to share and support one another. Assessment that is formative allows students to choose their way of exhibiting their learning and feed forward take them one step closer to academic success.


Source- Times of India


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